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FairSearch: “It would be better to do nothing than to accept Google’s proposals” to the European Commission

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

The following is a statement from Thomas Vinje, counsel to FairSearch Europe on Google’s proposal to settle the European Commission’s investigation into concerns the Commission has expressed that Google may be in violation of EU competition laws. Statement by Thomas Vinje, Counsel and Spokesman for FairSearch Europe, 25 June 2013 Google has made its proposals Read more »

FairSearch Principles for Evaluating Remedies to Google’s Antitrust Violations

Monday, November 19th, 2012

The members of FairSearch have often been asked, what remedies are our members seeking to resolve the harms that result from Google’s anti-competitive search and business practices. Enforcing existing competition laws in the online context is vital to fostering greater innovation, lower-cost online services, and increased economic growth. As is becoming increasingly evident, this need Read more »

WSJ Op-Ed: Nextag CEO Jeffrey Katz “Google Has Become a Brand Killer”

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Today’s Wall Street Journal published an op-ed from Nextag CEO Jeffrey Katz titled “Google’s Monopoly and Internet Freedom.” In it, Katz outlines how Google has been abusing its monopoly power to charge higher prices for preferred search rankings, distorting the presentation and order of sites listed on its search results page and effectively hampering other Read more »

What to Know About the European Commission Investigation

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

For the last 18 months, the European Commission has been investigating serious and credible formal complaints that Google is abusing its dominant position in online search and search advertising in violation of EU competition and consumer protection laws. The European Commission launched its formal antitrust investigation in November 2010 and reports indicate 16 or more Read more »

Top Global Outlets Weigh in on Almunia’s Announcement; Google Dismisses Concerns

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Joaquín Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy, announced today that his committee has concluded the initial investigation into Google’s anticompetitive practices. Google has a matter of weeks to respond with workable remedies that address the Commission’s concerns and preserve competition. In a speech in Brussels today, Almunia outlined the four Read more »