Google’s founders say they are committed to “unbiased and objective” search results, but Google’s actions suggest otherwise. Google’s Panda search algorithm change slashed traffic to many popular independent sites.

Google changes its search algorithm regularly, often with devastating effects on small businesses and content creators, who have no way of appealing these decisions or getting Google to explain how to reverse the penalties against them. Google also biases the display of results to put its own products, like Google+, Flight Search, Maps, Places, News and Shopping, ahead of natural search results through a policy that most consumers are unaware preferences Google products above others. These actions make it harder for small businesses to enter and thrive in the online marketplace.

The stories of entrepreneurs like Tim Carter, John Pike and Dan Savage are not unique—they’re only becoming more common.

As the states and European Commission continue their investigations, remember this: For small businesses and consumers, the stakes couldn’t be higher.